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Week 3: Blended Assessments of Learning

You can read my blog entry/reading reaction for this week’s reading.

Throughout my university career, I have taken many courses that relied solely on a few high-stakes assessments, sometimes a midterm and a final, other times a large project. While making it simpler for grading, I believe it actually promotes procrastination on the students’ part, since they know they are not being assessed throughout the course and only at the end. This is why I divided up one of my key assignments, a “Text Adventure Game,” into three parts – a game map, source code, and presentation, each due throughout the semester, giving me an opportunity to provide students with feedback along the way. The full instructions are shown below.  I will consider soliciting feedback from the students as to the length and organization of these instructions, since I realize it might be too much detail to include in one document — perhaps it would be better as three distinct documents, one for each part of the project.

I have also included template instructions for individual weekly assignments and quizzes.



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